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The perfect team of engineers, inspectors and microbiologists to meet all your needs.

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A to Z

From beginning to end, from inspection to work completion, we are with you all the way and throughout the entire project management.

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In addition to delivering test results in 24 hours, in case of an emergency, rest assured that someone will be there to respond 24/7.

Multidisciplinary Consultants

From the field to the lab, Bâtisso is known for its thorough support, ranging from analysis to decontamination. The services of our seasoned technicians and the analysis expertise of our microbiologists are used to your benefit. A combination of efficiency, speed and accuracy, provide customers with the best follow-up in building inspections or air quality testing.

Air analysis - Molds

Mold spores that are present in the air can weaken your immune system and increase your vulnerability to viruses and the bacteria around you. Take charge of your health!

Air analysis - Asbestos

Don't let asbestos particles ruin your health. Have your air tested in order to identify the source and quantity of asbestos in your environment. Learn how to eliminate it from your everyday life!

Molds - Sampling

Think you might have mold on your walls, in your fridge or in your ventilation system? We’re here to reassure you and provide information related to the results and possible solutions.

Asbestos - Sampling

Whether it’s for plasterboard, cement board, plaster or vermiculite, we’re equipped to take samples from materials prone to contain asbestos in your environment. Our detailed report will provide the analysis results and suggestions for an action plan.

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